Masters Message

This is the time of year when we are getting ready to put the lodge on refreshment, and during this time it is easy to forget our tasks at hand. I am hoping during our time away from our duties we all will take a minute or two to brush up on our ritual work, practice the work related to our chairs, or maybe even learn a new piece. I feel with a little commitment on all of our parts we will make our lodge stronger and better than ever before. In this letter I am asking the past masters to recommit themselves to helping out at lodge because you know how it feels to need people with experience and guidance to have your back. I feel with the knowledge the past masters have to pass on to new members and candidates we can keep rebuilding our lodge with men that will keep the torch burning for years to come. We all know how hard it can be after working all day to drag yourself to a lodge room on Wednesday nights but we are asking you to dig in a little deeper, push forward a little harder, and remember our oath we took to help a brother in need. We as masons belong to the greatest organization in the world. If you look around you will see there are many great men who are masons that have influenced your life. That is why you need to stay connected and be a part of this instead of letting it die. This past week we went to Grand Lodge held in Atlantic City and I found myself with a renewed vigor and a sense of commitment to the craft. So you haven’t been to lodge in a while? I am asking you to come out, sit on the sidelines, and meet some of our new brothers and officers. Who knows? You might even decide to take a non-speaking chair to help your lodge.